ALWAYS learning more than CHEER…

This past weekend we attended JAMZ Nationals in Las Vegas, Nevada- Very FUN competition! This was our first season attending the competition,  and we only took two teams: Junior 4 &  Small Senior 3. Junior 4 had a rough first day. They were a bit overwhelmed by the surroundings and it got the best of them. … Continued

CHEER COMPETITION: Teaches great LIFE lessons

This past weekend our teams competed @ the American Championships competition in San Jose. Overall, a great weekend. Some teams had their BEST performances of the season, while others had, let’s just say, not so good… I love this sport for so many reasons… But one of the greatest qualities about competitive cheerleading is the opportunity for … Continued

TEAMWORK- One of the TOP reasons why CHEERLEADING is the BEST Sport!

Had a parent come in tonight whose daughter has done dance for years- very talented young girl. After enrolling in our FREE trial class, she sat and observed our FULL-YEAR competitive teams run routines in prepration for this week’s competition. She approached me afterwards, and said, “I love this. The teamwork that those young girls … Continued

The Importance of Physical Activity for Young Children

There is so much value in young chiildren and teens being active. Not only are there physical benefits, but emotional and mental benefits to being involved in fitness activities.  Athletes at Athletic Perfection are engaged in skills that develop strength, flexibility and coordiation. In addition, their participation on a team adds the extra benefit of … Continued


This season our athletes participated in BELLRINGING for the Salvation Army. This is our second season doing this service. The athletes have a BLAST and are helping the less fortunate in our community at the same time. Such a joy to see. We also had a SANTA HAT contest this year. Athletes had fun being creative … Continued