Are you looking for a HALF-TIME ROUTINE for the BIG game that will WOW the crowd?

Are you looking for a COMPETITION ROUTINE that has ALL
the elements of a CHAMPION team?

Are your looking for a TALENT SHOW or PAGEANT ROUTINE that
showcases YOU to the BEST of your abilities?

Then you’ve come to the RIGHT place.

Our choreographers are the BEST in the industry. They come with YEARS of experience and accomplishments.

ATHLETIC PERFECTION teams are well-known for their CREATIVE and INNOVATIVE choreography.

We got so many compliments on our Tracy/West routine. Everyone liked how there was so much going on,” Kaitlin Stroup, Tracy High Varsity Captain Cheerleader.

Our teams have won NATIONAL TITLES and received BEST CHOREOGRAPHY awards numerous of times.

Our choreographers have worked with teams all over the state giving them TOP of the LINE CHOREOGRAPHY for competitions and half-times.

In addition, our choreographers have worked with many pageant contestants and have choreographed full- stage productions.

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Below is our CIRCUS routine from 2011- A DEFINITE SHOWSTOPPER!

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