Try-out Poster 2016Try-outs for Athletic Perfection’s All-Star Cheer teams will take place May 9th, 10th & 11th. The new season will start on Monday, May 16th.

Athletes ages 3-18 years old of all skill levels are encouraged to try-out. “We anticipate having teams from level one to level four again next season, so there is usually a team for everyone regardless of experience,” stated gym co-owner Julie Van Os. “The try-out process is simply an assessment of skills- tumbling, jumps, and motion technique with athletes of similar ages together. In addition, we do a separate flyer try-out for athletes seeking that position.”

This will be the gyms 15th season as a competitive all-star program. “We have trained over 2,000 athletes since our inception in 2002 and I believe the integrity of our program has always been our strength,” Van Os states. “Our athletes work hard and are successful and our program is organized and well-ran. People appreciate that and parents love seeing the confidence our program builds in their child.”

Anyone interested in trying out for Athletic Perfection in May is encouraged to enroll in a tumbling class or the try-out prep class starting March 28. “It is beneficial to get familiar with the gym and the skills that will be assessed at try-outs, ” Van Os states. “We usually have a big influx of new athletes in April who are preparing for our try-outs. It’s a very exciting time.”

For more information regarding try-outs, classes or team details, please contact Julie Van Os @ (209) 609-8736 or [email protected]

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