Tracy, California- — July 10, 2012-Athletic Perfection All-Star Cheer teams has 115 athletes on its full- year competitive teams. This is over a forty- percent increase from last season, and the largest number the gym has had in its 10-year existence.

“We’re thrilled, “said co-owner, Jennifer Moore. “The more athletes we can positively influence, the better.”

Last season, the program had 80 athletes and the highest number the gym has had in one season is 90.

“I attribute our success to the structure of our program and the standards we have held ourselves to throughout the years,” says Andrea Fagundes, co-owner. “That’s what builds strong programs with great reputations and is what is going to make a gym thrive.”

Julie Van Os, co-owner agrees. “Our clients appreciate the organization with which we run our program and the commitment we have to our teams and to their children. It’s something of which we are very proud.”

Athletic Perfection also offers recreational tumbling classes for close to 100 athletes including a preschool and boys only class. In addition, the gym plans to continue with its Half-Year competitive cheer teams in the fall which they expect to add another 50 athletes.

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Tracy, CA
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