Athletic Perfection, a local cheerleading training facility, is proud to announce that two of their teams have been selected to compete at one of the nation’s most prestigious cheerleading competitions for small gyms, The D2 Summit, produced by Varsity All Star.

Held at Walt Disney World® Resort’s ESPN Wide World of Sports May 13-14, The D2 Summit, is the season-capping goal for many competitive all star teams. Gyms that compete in Division 2 or D2 only train 125 athletes or less annually, modeled on Division II universities that tend to have fewer students than Division I schools. The 2016 D2 Summit showcased nearly 500 teams from across the United States. This year, The D2 Summit will host 800 teams with nearly 16,000 competitors.

“Teams competing at The D2 Summit must receive a bid at a prior competition to be eligible to participate,” says Brian Elza, Co-General Manager and Vice President of Sales for Varsity All Star, which is comprised of multiple all star competition brands under the Varsity Spirit umbrella.  “That’s what makes The D2 Summit so rewarding for the competitors.  If they don’t climb their way to the top throughout their season, they won’t make it to The Summit.”

All star cheerleading is a discipline of cheerleading that is open to all ages and skill levels. “We like to think of All Star cheerleading as the most inclusive sport available to young athletes.  The D2 Summit provides a place for all of them to shine,” adds Tres LeTard, Co-General Manager and Vice President of Operations for Varsity All Star.


Athletic Perfection all stars will be competing May 13-14, 2017. Fans at home can watch a livestream of the event on Varsity TV on Varsity.com.


For more information on The D2 Summit please visit VarsityAllstar.com.  If your child is interested in becoming an all star cheerleader, please complete the form below.


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