Thank you for your recent interest in our super fun Novice Team! I’m excited to tell you all about it and help you discover what, in my opinion, is the perfect next step for your child.

With over 17 years experience leading the Tri-Valley area in All-Star Cheerleading I guarantee you our professional, knowledgeable and innovative coaches will help guide your child through this beginner cheer experience!

Our Novice teams will offer all the services you’ll soon come to expect at Athletic Perfection- an incredibly present & supportive coach, an organized & communicative management team, and a passionate & exciting atmosphere that encourages an individual growth mindset through the dedication and commitment of a team experience. All that and your family will even get to experience an All-Star Cheerleading competition. So Exciting!!!

Our Novice teams are set to be a gateway program for those who are newer to the sport, a nice balance between recreational style classes and a highly competitive atmosphere that you may expect from our more elite full-year style AP teams! With that in mind, you can expect your child to be primarily trained on introductory level one skills at each of her once-a-week 90 minute practices throughout the entirety of her AP Novice experience.

Above all, joining our Novice team is an official welcome into our AP Family. A family who’s incredibly FUN, supportive and inspirational for all. Take it from a recent member’s first day experience with us- “Brooke walked out of the gym with confidence and it made me so happy for her. Thank You!”

I’m excited to hear from you so we can further discuss the program and determine if this is the PERFECT fit for your little Champion! Please take a moment to complete the form below and I will be in touch shortly.

Thank you!

Andrea Fagundes
(209) 321-5567

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