Become an AP GEM!!

  • The GEM program is the recreational tumbling classes at Athletic Perfection.
  • Classes are OPEN to team and non- team members.
  • Each GEM is a different level. There are multiple classes within each GEM level.
  • ALL classes are systematized and strategically planned for progression. Classes are structured by ability.
  • ALL classes consist of a warm-up, conditioning and stretching.
  • GEMS participate in one on one instruction as well as supervised performance of drills/stations.
  • GEM classes are offered Monday through Thursday and Saturdays for ages 3-18.
  • All classes are taught in our over 6,000 square foot facility, equipped with two spring floors, 30’ tumble track, spotting harness and state of the art sound system.
  • ALL GEM classes are 50 minutes.

Expectations for Athletes of the GEM program

  • Be ON TIME for class.
  • Be RESPECTFUL to all athletes, coaches, staff and other clients in the gym.
  • Keep the gym CLEAN.
  • Dress appropriately for classes- shorts/leggings, shirt/tank, shoes with laces, hair up and out of face. We HIGHLY recommend be in Athletic Perfection attire.
  • Be attentive in class.

Our AMAZING staff are ROCK STARS and go above and beyond to make it a positive EXPERIENCE for your child.


Office Hours- Monday thru Thursday 4:30-730

Gym Phone- (209) 834-2727

Gym Email-

Julie, Co-Owner/Class Director- (209) 609-8736


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