Athletes on break but still “COMMITTED”

Right now, our cheer and tumbling gym is on a break. We traditionally close for two weeks in August around the start of school in Tracy. This allows our athletes (and parents, too) to  get adjusted to their new schedules and to get their routine for homework and study time down. Even though they are not meeting up at the gym, they are staying connected in other ways.

We’ve been stressing the word “COMMITTMENT” for the past couple months to our athletes. We’ve  been talking about staying focused on your goals and doing everything necessary to get there, and pushing past the sometimes difficult and/or mundane exercises. During their two week break, our athletes were given a 25 minute workout/conditioning routine to do.  On the days they complete it, they are to post on FACEBOOK, “I was committed today.”

It’s been awesome seeing all the posts from several different athletes on several different occassions. Nice to know they are learning how to work hard without a coach always standing over them. TRUE CHAMPIONS!

Looking forward to getting everyone back in the gym on Monday and hear about their new school year and to start gearing up for the new season! FUN TIMES!

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