CHEER COMPETITION: Teaches great LIFE lessons

This past weekend our teams competed @ the American Championships competition in San Jose. Overall, a great weekend. Some teams had their BEST performances of the season, while others had, let’s just say, not so good…

I love this sport for so many reasons… But one of the greatest qualities about competitive cheerleading is the opportunity for  “teaching moments.” The GREAT performances demonstrate the value of hard work, perserverance and how incredible it feels when the ‘team” finally comes together. And the “not so good”  moments… Well, they show us what we’re really made of…How do we handle losses, mistakes, disappointments? We can either let them get the best of us, or we can “own” them, move on and become stronger because of them. I believe that our athletes ALWAYS choose the latter and is why no matter what the results show… We Train CHAMPIONS!

Result from this weekend:
Mini 1-3rd
Youth 2- 3rd
Junior 1- 1st
Junior 4-1st & Money Winner
Senior 3-4th

Here are some highlights…

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