Great competition this past weekend! Tammy from GSSA put on a FIRST CLASS event! Such AMAZING talent showcased in San Jose and I feel so fortunate to have been a part of it. Some of our teams had fantastic performances while a couple others hit some obstacles-legality deductions that cost placings, injured athletes who could not not perform, and performance errors that NEVER happen. Yet, EVERY athlete from AP continued to be a CHAMPION! Came back and performed with positive attitudes and determination to be even better. I was SO proud of ALL our athletes.  Final placings for the weekend… Mini Pink- 1st, Youth Gold- 3rd, Junior Purple 2nd,  Junior Black 3rd and Senior Teal 6th.

Here’s some more testimonials from AP fans who were also impressed with our CHAMPIONS…

Being a champion isn’t always about bringing home 1st place. Sometimes it’s about how you take defeat or adapt to change or adversity. Sunday, EVERY single girl in green showed us all what a true champion is… All five teams were amazing!!! You all should be proud- Sammy Cavallaro, AP Dad.

I’m so proud of all our girls. One of the things I love about this sport is how it teaches so many life lessons. Today’s was perseverance evidently. Can’t wait to see them all take the mat tomorrow and show that AP spirit.  Stephanie Voress, AP Mom.




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