Jade to Visalia and Lime, Silver, Gold, Red & Blue to San Jose

JAdes Jouney 2All of Athletic Perfection’s  all-star cheer teams will be competing this weekend but at two different locations. Tiny Lime, Youth Silver, Youth Gold, Junior Red and Senior Blue will be competing at American Championships in San Jose, California. Senior Jade will be competing at the GSSA Championships in Visalia, California in attempt to earn a Worlds Bid. “It is tough separating the program, especially since it is Senior Jade’s first competition,” says co-owner Julie Van Os. “But Visalia is far to travel to and the American Championship is always a high-end, well-attended competition, so we did not want our program to miss out on that opportunity. And Jade is only attending competitions that give out Bid to Worlds.” Senior Jade is Athletic Perfection’s first team to compete for a Worlds Bid. The group of 16 has been training 10-12 hours per week minimum since last May. Their hard work and effort has been titled “Jade’s Journey.”

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