This week is tradionally known as NATIONALS WEEK @ Athletic Perfection! Since April of 2003, AP has been making the FINAL week of practices for our all-star cheer teams, a week of TREMENDOUS FUN & EXCITEMENT! Athletes will start today with TEAM COLOR day. A rainbow of CHAMPIONS will fill the blue mats today  as Pink, Gold, Purple, Black & Teal practice together.  They’ll sweat. They’ll laugh. They’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment as they look through the 2011-2012 YEARBOOK distributed tonight while trying to get EVERY new and old friend to sign.  Tuesday they’ll come in as TWINS: Big Sis & Little Sis.  So fun to see what each pair has put together. Most often it’s a “homemade” shirt courtesy of the BIG SIS who spent her weekend with a hot glue gun and rhinestones. Wednesday concludes with an ALL-TEAM showcase for family and friends. The gym will be packed with FANS excited to see the FINAL routines. This year we’re ending Wednesday with a highlight video of all the “special” moments of the season. Everyone loves NATIONALS WEEK. Every AP athlete from 2002-2012 will tell you it’s one of the BEST parts of AP, and one of the many reasons why our motto is: THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME: ONE NAME, ONE GYM, ONE FAMILY of CHAMPIONS!

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