TEAMWORK- One of the TOP reasons why CHEERLEADING is the BEST Sport!

Had a parent come in tonight whose daughter has done dance for years- very talented young girl. After enrolling in our FREE trial class, she sat and observed our FULL-YEAR competitive teams run routines in prepration for this week’s competition. She approached me afterwards, and said, “I love this. The teamwork that those young girls displayed tonight was so awesome to watch.”

“Yep,” I said. ” That’s what makes cheerleading the best female sport-the teamwork.”

She went on to say, “I love how they all cheer each other on and all the people get so excited when they get it. That’s what I want for my daughter.”

This conversation MADE my night. After a pretty tough practice at the gym, for an outsider to recognize and appreciate how hard our athletes work and what it means to them was AWESOME!

Looking forward to this weekend. Can’t wait to watch ALL our CHAMPIONS on the mat!


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