ALWAYS learning more than CHEER…

This past weekend we attended JAMZ Nationals in Las Vegas, Nevada- Very FUN competition! This was our first season attending the competition,  and we only took two teams: Junior 4 &  Small Senior 3.

Junior 4 had a rough first day. They were a bit overwhelmed by the surroundings and it got the best of them. They were very upset with themselves as their tears demonstrated. They came back strong day two; they had something to prove and they did. Their fans were in awe,  and this time it was their parents and coaches in tears. Tears from being inspired. Inspired by the team’s resilience. They never give up, and they demonstrate every time they take the floor,  the ability to move on from past mistakes : to acknowledge them, learn from them, and then use them to become stronger. LOVE AP JUNIOR BLACK 2011-2012!

Senior 3 had two rock-solid performances- their best of the season thus far. Came in 1st BOTH days; unfortunately, due to a legality on day one, they dropped down to 6th for their first performance. Extremely heartbreaking… Yet again, the proved to be TRUE CHAMPIONS. They didn’t let the placing get the best of them; instead, they came out day two with a mission to “Move up.” And they did! They had the highest score again on day two and it was enough to bring them up from 6th to 2nd place. We all know who the REAL CHAMPIONS are and we are so proud that they are @ ATHLETIC PERFECTION! Keep up the hard work and determination Senior Teal! It continues to INSPIRE!

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