You have to have GRIT!

This month we are talking to our athletes about GRIT…

Yes, grits are something you might eat, but we are going to be talking about HAVING GRIT: the mindset to stick with something even though it seems difficult at times and requires much effort. It’s having COURAGE in  the face of hardships.

I’m sure most of  us spent our summer nights (and some days) watching the 2012 Olympics. They were so entertaining, so inspirational, because Olympic athletes aren’t just born with something special….They have GRIT. They had to train hard, and most had to make tremendous sacrifices to get to the Olympics. I’m sure it wasn’t always easy, or fun, but their determiniation and fortitude pushed them to be successful. This is what we want for our athletes. And not just in all-star cheerleading. We want our athletes to have GRIT for life. Because, let’s face it… Life is tough, very difficult at times, and without GRIT you’ll never be able to reach your goals in your family, career and/or spiritual life.

We are going to be stressing to our athletes to focus on their improvements, not aiming for perfection. Yes, our name is ATHLETIC PERFECTION… And as we all know, Perfection is unattainable, but as we tell our athletes, IN STRIVING FOR PERFECTION, YOU REACH EXCELLENCE ALONG THE WAY… But definitely not without a little GRIT!

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