Inside Peak…Athletic Perfection Staff Retreat

This past weekend the Athletic Perfection staff got together at Co-owner Julie Van Os’ house to work on team-building, curriculum development and program cohesiveness.

“We greatly value our staff and it is important to us that they are constantly being given the resources to be the best coaches they can be,” Van Os said. “We have weekly meetings and those are very important too, but the staff retreats allow us to go more in depth with sharing our vision and building rapport among staff.”

Topics covered at the retreat included- motivating and rewarding various personality traits, qualities of great coaches, practice structures and agendas, and technique and conditioning drills to achieve maximum results.

“We do staff retreats about three times a year,” says Van Os. “It’s important that our Champion Coaches keep striving for better too; it’s not just a motto for our athletes.”

Tyler Pendleton, Coach for Athletic Perfection says, “Staff retreats are a great way for us to come together and improve as a gym. It is valuable because we are all learning skills that make us better coaches and helps us in our lives outside of cheer.”




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