Want to stay ACTIVE during COVID 19? Keep up with your skills? Stay connected to your coaches and friends?


Athletic Perfection is offering VIRTUAL tumbling and cheer classes starting MAY 4 until we can reopen for IN-PERSON classes at our facility.

How do these work?

Once registered, we enroll you in your appropriate class for YOUR level.  We will then send you your class schedule and a link with your class log-in information.  Our ROCKSTAR staff will be on with you the whole time! They’ll lead the class through a warm-up, conditioning and then work on SPECIFIC drills for the skills YOU are working on! Coaches give CORRECTIONS and PUSH the athletes to give MORE! Class ends with a sense of ACCOMPLISHMENT with GOALS achieved! We offer tumbling classes ranging in levels from beginner to advanced. Recommended for ages 5-17.

How can you get better without being spotted by a coach or using the equipment in the gym?

By FOCUSING on the little things- BODY PLACEMENT, STRENGTH, TECHNIQUE…All elements are SO important! We are CONFIDENT that athletes participating in VIRTUAL CLASSES are going to return to the gym and get right back to their skills!

Here’s what one of our RAVING FANS has to say…

We LOVE the conditioning workouts. It’s definitely making her stronger… she’s getting better at her handstands and cartwheels.
Mom of a Virtual Class Participant)

How much do the classes cost?

Normally, our classes run $87/month for one class per week or $149/month for UNLIMITED classes (a total deal)! Because we want as many people as possible to be able to participate in our VIRTUAL CLASSES, we are only charging $29/month for one class per week or $49/month for two or more classes per week! I know…RIDICULOUS deal! It’s a no-brainer to join in!

NEW to our VIRTUAL CLASSES?  Your first month is ONLY $19 for UNLIMITED CLASSES with a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. If for any reason your child does not want to participate, we will refund your money!

ALL classes will be offered a minimum of twice/week, and we also offer a CHEER PREP class that all levels can take. In addition, our AMAZING staff will offer random specialty classes: DANCES, WORKOUTS, FUN ACTIVITIES!

Ready to enroll in VIRTUAL CLASSES? Click HERE to register and our CLASS DIRECTOR will be in touch to create your CHAMPION schedule!

Want more information? Have questions? Complete the form below and our CLASS SPECIALIST will be in touch within 48 hours.

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