Private Lessons

Details: Private Lessons are 30 minutes and offered as a “one on one” format. 

Price: Private Lessons are booked on a monthly basis at $200/month ($50 per lesson) at the same time/day each week.

Billing: Private lessons are billed at the time of booking and will be billed on the 1st of every month thereafter.  A 30-day notice is required to cancel monthly privates. 

Missing/Rescheduling: A 24-hour notice is required in order to reschedule a make-up. If your child’s coach is not available for any make-ups, they will be rescheduled with another available coach. Communicate to Julie (209) 609-8736 or [email protected] if your child will be missing a private lesson.

Booking: Please email [email protected] or see the front desk to book private lessons.